Hasilpur City Of Pakistan

History of Hasilpur

Hasilpur, Punjab, Pakistan. The city is located between the Satluj River and the Indian border and lies 96 km east of the district capital Bahawalpur. The city is also the headquarters of Hasilpur Tehsil an administrative subdivision of the district the city itself is divided into two parts, “Old Hasilpur” and “Hasilpur Mandi”. Hasilpur is situated on the brink of Cholistan.

Hasilpur is as old as Bahawalpur. A Dawod potra by named Jogi Khan Ghumrani’s son Hasil Khan settled the city with his own name in 1752. Hasil Khan built a mosque in 1768. In 1900 there were about 347 houses.

A special Rest House (Dolat Khana) for the Nawab of Bahawalpur Mohammad Sadiq Khan was also here. The total population of the Tehsil is 317,513 and its total area is 239,332 and it consists of 112 villages and 14 Union Councils.

The people of Hasilpur are Punjabi and Siraiki speaking. There are many people of different castes like Arain, Jatt, Malik, Mahr, Bhatti, Syed, and many more. There is a THQ Hospital, which is 44 beds.

Hasilpur is the major hub of cotton factories in the region, as of now, almost 60 cotton factories are working. Besides this other industries like flour mills, oil mills, door making are also found. The main crops are cotton, sugarcane, indigo, and wheat. Sheep and cattle are raised for food and hides. In 2006 the government-sanctioned the gas supply to the city.

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